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Remanufacturing market study

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According to BS8887-Part 2, remanufacturing is an industrial practice of :
- “Returning a product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent or better than that of the newly manufactured product.”

It is an important component of a resource-efficient manufacturing industry and a key strategy within the circular economy : by keeping components and their embodied material (including ‘critical’ or ‘advanced’ materials) in use for longer, significant energy use and emissions to air and water (e.g. CO2 and SO2) can be avoided. In addition to its environmental benefits, remanufacturing provides opportunities for the creation of highly skilled jobs and economic growth.
Despite these positives, remanufacturing is an undervalued part of the industrial landscape and an under-recognised, sustainable industry. Activity to promote remanufacturing is currently undertaken on a sector-by-sector basis. In Europe, cross-sectoral activities to facilitate knowledge transfer and promote the industry do not exist in remanufacturing - unlike in the recycling industry. Our major competitors, the USA and China, already have some common vision and strategy for remanufacturing while European remanufacturing could lose competitiveness against these more organised economies. As a result, there is a real need for a European-level solution to encourage remanufacturing throughout Europe.

Accordingly, the ERN project, sponsored under Horizon 2020, has looked to start to address these barriers. This report describes the findings of the first component of the work, namely to estimate the current level of remanufacturing activity within the EU. Using a mixture of methods1, data has been gathered on remanufacturing across nine key sectors to reveal economic value, numbers employed and approximate carbon benefits. This resource can be used to support further actions at both European and Member State level. The sectors of focus are aerospace, automotive, heavy duty and off-road (HDOR) equipment, electronic and electrical equipment (EEE), machinery and medical equipment, and on smaller sectors such as (office) furniture, rail (rolling stock) and marine.

Find some initial articles on the market study report below :
- http://www.ciwm-journal.co.uk/european-remanufacturing-could-grow-to-e90bn-by-2030/
- http://www.therecycler.com/posts/european-remanufacturing-industry-report-released/
- http://www.duurzaam-ondernemen.nl/european-remanufacturing-industry-estimated-at-e30bn-with-potential-to-triple-by-2030/#.VpY2G5MrJE4
- http://www.recyclingwasteworld.co.uk/news/european-remanufacturing-industry-has-potential-to-triple-by-2030-says-ern-study/112547
- http://resource.co/article/european-remanufacturing-could-value-%E2%82%AC100bn-2030-10761?platform=hootsuite

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Remanufacturing market study