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Publishing Workshop - 4&5 février 2016

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La quatrième édition du Publishing Workshop organisé par le laboratoire G-SCOP aura lieu les 4 et 5 février prochain à Grenoble.

- Objective
This Workshop aims at helping researchers transform their presented papers from ICED 2015 Conference into high quality journal submissions.
It also offers an opportunity to the research communities working in the field of Design (Engineering Science and Management Science) to share their point of view.
For the authors, the main benefit of attending the workshop is the constructive feedback they will receive on their papers. Thus, they should be able to rework their papers for direct submission to a journal through the regular review process.
- Content
The concept of the workshop is to gather around a table one editor and 4 to 6 authors in order to discuss the quality of their publications and to suggest ways of improvement.

The Editors of the following journals have already agreed to attend again the workshop this year :
- CoDesign (Taylor and Francis)
- Computers in Industry (Elsevier)
- Design Studies (Elsevier)
- Journal of Design Research (Inderscience)
- Journal of Engineering Design (Taylor and Francis)
- Research in Engineering Design (Springer)
- Technovation (Elsevier)

Programme et modalités de participation : http://published2016.sciencesconf.org/