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juillet 2020 | septembre 2020

LEAD SuS : formation aux industriels dans le domaine du développement durable

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Le laboratoire G-SCOP, partenaire du projet LEAD SuS - Leadership in Sustainability dans le cadre du programme européen Life Long Learning et de l’ECQA (European Certification&Qualification Association) propose des formations aux industriels dans le domaine du développement durable et de ses implications managériales.

La formation est gratuite mais limitée à 20 participants par pays.
Contact : Peggy Zwolinski

- Project core : Universitatea Politechnica Timisoara, Romania
- Partners :
Grenoble INP, Peggy Zwolinski
Business Informatics Center Rozman
EMIRAcle - European Manufacturing and Innovation Research Association
ISCN, Autriche

- Project Overview

"The project aims to support organizational leaders and employees, to understand the strategic implications of sustainability by developing innovative and creative approaches.
The training will drive leadership understanding, strategic business approaches, enthusiasm, innovation and consideration of environment and social aspects as key issues toward sustainable development.

The project target groups are managers and employees, representatives of private organization (industry related) and public organizations, with environmental, social or business development related responsibilities and employed master students.

During the project lifetime, future Sustainability managers will develop competences and skills on the following topics :
- Sustainability management
- Economic sustainability
- Ecologic sustainability
- Social sustainability
- Product and service sustainability

The LeadSUS courses are divided into different Units and each unit contains several elements.

Unit 1 : Technical Sustainability Concepts

1. Understanding of the Life Cycle
2. Process Maturity and IT Support
3. Life Cycle Assessment
4. Life Cycle Costing
5. Eco-Design and Sustainability

Unit 2 : Added-Value Sustainable Systems

1. Sustainability driving Innovation
2. Value Chain for Sustainability
3. New Business Models

All participating trainees will have the opportunity to certify their newly acquired skills and competences within ECQA framework, on two performance levels : foundation or advanced.

The future training platform will be available on ECQA