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juillet 2020 | septembre 2020

Product Reputation Evaluation Based on Social Networks using Multi Agent System

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  • Directeur : OUZROUT Yacine

The Word Wide Web has dramatically changed the way people express their opinion about product and services. The customer can post product reviews on different websites and express their emotion in internet discussion forums, groups, blogs, twitter etc. There is a rich source of information available on the Internet about products and services which can be used by both customer as well as industrial organization to make decisions. However because it is a challengeable task to collect and organize this information, therefore most of the industrial organizations ignore it. Organizations currently make decisions throughout the product life cycle using Product Life Cycle Management System (PLM). We want to incorporate the unstructured information available on social network and to integrate it with structure information in PLM to build a shared vision. This shared knowledge can then be used to make useful decision throughout product Lifecycle. The aim of this thesis is to gather process and analyze knowledge from web and combined it with PLM. Therefore we are proposing a multi agent system in which each agent working on different types of knowledge. Each agent will perform a specific task and will share knowledge with others in order to build comprehensive knowledge and this knowledge can be used by an organization to make some useful decisions.